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About MITA


MITA is a Texas-based artistic design & consultancy firm focused on destination marketing bringing a history of international success. Our award-winning experts understand the psychological and physiological effects of light, sound, acoustics, music, colors, architecture and art to create attractive all-encompassing immersive spaces that visitors want to visit, will never forget, and desire to return. 

The artistry and design of MITA’s all-immersive spaces fully envelop the senses, creating new and exciting experiences for guests and visitors. MITA strives to perfect every detail of open spaces ranging from acoustics and lighting, creative fixtures, to even the scent in the air and the feel of the textures that elevates visitors to an unforgettable experience.

Our world class team is supported by a global network of credentialed specialists made up of respected authorities in consulting, sound engineering, light design, landscape design, pyrotechnic & laser design, and much more. With a passion for the industry, MITA guarantees a one-of-a-kind artistic solution from design, build, and production that creates a unique work of art for its clients.

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MITA’s scientific method in analyzing and enhancing the relationship between visitors and spaces makes it a pioneer in the field. MITA’s cutting-edge methodology could be applied to a wide spectrum of industries and market sectors. These include, but are not limited to, hospitality, education, entertainment, public areas, private spaces, landmarks, transportation and more. Some examples include hospitals, restaurants, malls, amusement parks, residential compounds, workspaces, hotels, beaches, commercial strips, towers, airports, metro stations, parks, zoos,touristic areas and much more.

The Process


Impact & Benefits


In conclusion, Magic in the Air (MITA) offers a unique and transformative way to create immersive experiences by incorporating a multitude of elements such as light systems, sound systems, art, projection mapping, landscapes, sculptures, audio, video, and more. Developed by a distinguished board of award-winning professors, MITA establishes a deep connection between individuals and their environment, leaving a lasting impact on participants. By fostering emotional resonance, cultural enrichment, and enhanced well-being, MITA stands at the forefront of creating memorable experiences that transcend traditional forms of entertainment.

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The Team



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5407 Bandera Rd, Ste.111 San Antonio, TX 78238
Office: +1 (210) 251 4767

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