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About MITA

MITA is a Texas-based artistic design & consultancy firm focused on destination marketing bringing a history of international success.  Our award-winning experts understand the psychological and physiological effects of light, sound, acoustics, music, colors, architecture and art to create attractive all-encompassing immersive spaces that visitors want to visit, will never forget, and desire to return. 


The artistry and design of MITA’s all-immersive spaces fully envelop the senses, creating new and exciting experiences for guests and visitors. MITA strives to perfect every detail of open spaces ranging from acoustics and lighting, creative fixtures, to even the scent in the air and the feel of the textures that elevates visitors to an unforgettable experience. 


Our world class team is supported by a global network of credentialed specialists made up of respected authorities in consulting, sound engineering, light design, landscape design, pyrotechnic & laser design, and much more. With a passion for the industry, MITA guarantees a one-of-a-kind artistic solution from design, build, and production that creates a unique work of art for its clients.

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MITA Approved Projects

Meet the team

Mo Ghanem

Design Consultant

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Mo Gabr

Technical Consultant

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Grant Bennett

Safety & Security Expert

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Yvonne Escamilla

Hospitality Consultant

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Vianey Munoz

Group Operations Officer

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Eno Lucas MITA Dubai operations.jpg

Eno Luca

AVL Technical Support

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Wael Khedr.jpg

Wael Khedr

Music Director

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5407 Bandera Rd, Ste.111 San Antonio, TX 78238

Office: +1 (210) 251 4767


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